BEST of Paris: Chez Janou

It is crazy to believe that I have been living in Paris for almost 5 weeks now!  It all still seems so new and I am still very much in love with this city.  I will forever miss the VAT tax and no tipping, as well as fresh French wine that costs next to nothing. … Continue reading BEST of Paris: Chez Janou


Normandy Eats

I must apologize for the radio silence, but I am rather busy these days!  I'm still living in Paris so I'm normally out and about exploring the city.  While I have been able to eat at wonderful restaurants and bistros in Paris, the ones that seem to captivate me are those in the countryside.  So, … Continue reading Normandy Eats

Le Pichet 3

On Friday, I traveled with my school group to a town an hour outside of Paris: Chartres.  It is a quaint, little town that has a gorgeous, gothic cathedral at its center.  The original stained glass still sits within the windows! Afterwards, me and a couple of friends tagged along with my professor to go to a … Continue reading Le Pichet 3

Sweet Crêpes

Hello all!  Sorry for the radio silence.  This coming week is final's week at my college so I've been spending most of my time studying.  Earlier this week, my roommate surprised me with a copy of Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking!  Using Julia's recipe, I whipped us up some crêpes for brunch. The … Continue reading Sweet Crêpes

Lemon Bars

Growing up, my mom cooked for my dad and me every single night.  That's probably who gave me a love for cooking, though I refused to even touch a frying pan as a kid.  One of my favorite things that my mom would make were lemon bars!  They're such a classic sweet treat and are delicious whether warm … Continue reading Lemon Bars