Growing up, my mom cooked for my dad and me every single night.  That’s probably who gave me a love for cooking, though I refused to even touch a frying pan as a kid.  One of my favorite things that my mom would make were lemon bars!  They’re such a classic sweet treat and are delicious whether warm or cold.  The recipe my mom used was from Ina Garten, her favorite chef.  I was able to locate the recipe online and spent my Saturday afternoon baking!

I’ve been craving something sweet.


The crust for the bars has to be made from scratch!  I believe I was a bread maker in my past life, so kneading dough is second nature to me.  So is eating dough and bread.  This crust is made with 2 whole sticks of butter!! Dreams.


Spread the dough around the pan.  The dough was so good I kept munching on it while making it.


The filling requires an entire cup of fresh lemon juice, plus the zest from all these lemons.  This is where the elbow grease comes in.


Add in the filling and pop it in the oven!


And voila!!  I had to bake it for an extra 7-10 minutes because it was a still a little gooey on the inside.  The yellow specks are the lemon zest gratings!


And here are two of my roommates enjoying the treats!  Thank God I have someone to share them with so I don’t eat them all.  Joyful exclamations resounded through the kitchen as they took their first couple of bites.  Emily described them as: rich, tart, flaky, buttery, and super thick.  Addy said they are the best lemon tarts she has ever had.

I will cook that live lobster before I leave for Paris, I promise!  Last night, I cooked a fabulous New York Strip steak that I purchased on sale at Whole Foods.  It was so good that I sprinted back to Whole Foods this morning to get two more.  I boiled an artichoke today for lunch, but struggled to eat it.  How do you properly eat an artichoke?  Which parts are edible??  I’m very confused.

I can’t stop listening to “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green.  I’m also writing a philosophy paper on the existence of the past and its importance.  And I think my Sunday breakfast is going to be a cold lemon bar.


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