Hello all!  Sorry for the radio silence.  This coming week is final’s week at my college so I’ve been spending most of my time studying.  Earlier this week, my roommate surprised me with a copy of Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking!  Using Julia’s recipe, I whipped us up some crêpes for brunch.


The batter is easy to make, but has to be chilled for at least 2 hours to allow the flour to fully absorb.  And of course, no true Williamsburg brunch is complete without rosé!


I decided to use coconut oil for cooking the crêpes.  Julia recommends using leftover bacon fat, but because these are sweet crêpes I opted for something else.  I’m using a large stovetop pan and 2/3 cup of the batter.  To properly cook the crêpes, you must heat the oil until it’s smoking.  Then, lift the pan off the burner and pour the batter into the center.  Swirl the pan around to allow the batter to reach the edges of the pan.


Julia says that losing the feeling in your fingers is the proper way to become a chef.  With that being said, it’s easiest to flip the crêpes with your fingers!  When the crêpe is cooked on the underside, shimmy it around the pan to un-stick and flip it over.


I smeared a hazelnut-chocolate spread over some of the crêpes and added sliced bananas to half before folding.


This crêpe is more traditional, beurre-sucre (butter and sugar)!


And voila!  A perfect Sunday brunch.  Now, back to studying.  And writing.  And procrastinating.  And then cooking some more.

I cannot stop thinking about my future summer travels to London, so I cannot stop listening to “Wings Greatest.”

And a big thank you to my roomie Emily for taking all of these pictures for me and for gifting me with the cookbook!



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