My final exams have finally come to an end and I’m now a senior in college!  I have not been able to cook anything lately because I had set up camp in my school’s library.  So, this post will be about some of my favorite restaurants near my apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn!

Pies ‘n’ Thighs is everyones favorite spot in Williamsburg.  They never disappoint.  My roommate and I are obsessed with their chicken biscuit, which is slathered in hot sauce and honey.  When they bring it out you get the joy of watching the butter melt down from underneath the homemade biscuit.  My roommates and I completed the Whole30 in January and the #1 food we dreamt of was this biscuit.

They also have wonderful donuts! We had the butter pecan ones.

Lighthouse is probably my favorite place to eat in all of New York City, and it just so happens to be right outside my front door!  This food was from Easter brunch.  My roommate had the Shakshuka, while I had something that’s no longer on their menu!  From my memory, it had a bulgar wheat base with some whitefish, pickled radishes, an egg, and some greens!  Lighthouse’s food is always fresh and delicious.

Normally, I go to Lighthouse for their phenomenal happy hour and dollar oysters!


This spread is from Pates et Traditions, a restaurant specializing in southern French cuisine.  Their crêpes are wonderful and are made with a whole wheat base, which is perfect for savory crêpes!  I had a rosemary chicken crêpe, while my friends had ricotta and spinach ravioli as well as a cheese plate.  This place is cozy and cute, and their food is wonderful.

My roommate and I were craving chicken and waffles on day, so we headed over to Sugarburg.  Though the kitchen likes to take its time, the food is well worth the wait.  The restaurant is odd-looking from the outside, but nice and quaint on the inside.

I am studying abroad in Paris this summer, so I will be sure to do many more posts like this while over there.  I leave this Friday night!!


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