On Friday, I traveled with my school group to a town an hour outside of Paris: Chartres.  It is a quaint, little town that has a gorgeous, gothic cathedral at its center.  The original stained glass still sits within the windows!


Afterwards, me and a couple of friends tagged along with my professor to go to a restaurant he had been raving about, Le Pichet 3.

The restaurant was filled with half locals and half American tourists, all over 75.  It was wonderful to get some French-countryside cooking!


I had the specialty of Chartres, La Poule au pot d’Henri IV.  It was a big bowl of bouillon with onions, quinoa, carrots, potatoes, chard, and a hen’s thigh.  It was absolutely phenomenal!  We got a bottle of red wine to go with it which paired wonderfully.

I think one of my favorite parts about French dining is that it is incredibly rude not to finish your meal.  Basically, you will never feel ashamed about scraping the bottom of your plate!!  Leftovers are a no-go.  My kind of dining.

Love that ivy.  And the inside was so cute!

We returned to Paris to a beautiful sunset and all sat around the kitchen table drinking wine and eating a baguette with warm camembert cheese.  I cannot say it enough: I love France, I love France I love France!!!! Je t’aime!


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