I must apologize for the radio silence, but I am rather busy these days!  I’m still living in Paris so I’m normally out and about exploring the city.  While I have been able to eat at wonderful restaurants and bistros in Paris, the ones that seem to captivate me are those in the countryside.  So, this post will be about my weekend trip to Bayeux, which is in the Normandy region of France.  My favorite topic of research is France during World War II, and seeing as last weekend was D-Day weekend, I could not think of a better place to be than the first town liberated by the allies, Bayeux!  In this post I’ve grouped together the restaurants where I dined, so there will be many, many photos!

On my first night, I had dinner at Le Petit Normand.  French restaurants do this amazingly wonderful thing where you can order off of a 3 course set-price menu.  It’s abnormal here not to order an appetizer, so this is normally a great way to save money!


My appetizer was a feuilleté de la mer, which is literally just a mix of fish and mushrooms in béchamel sauce within a puff pastry!  The béchamel was super yummy.  I love fish, so if you don’t, this meal would not be for you.


My main course, or plat, arrived just like this.  All I could do is laugh in amazement.


My waiter stepped in and popped the tin foil with a sharp knife, revealing my wonderful dinner.  I ordered a papillote de poisson, or fish baked in a sealed paper.  The fish was cod, salmon, and bass on top of some veggies.  So yummy!!


And finally, dessert.  A pomme au four glace spéculoos, or a backed apple tart with speculoos ice cream.  Divine.


Ice cream break!  I chose white chocolate ice cream, a flavor I had never seen before!


So sweet.  The town is so soaked in history making my stay wonderful!

I can honestly say that my next dinner was absolutely one of the best meals I have ever eaten.  The restaurant is called Au P’tit Bistro, and only has seating for nine tables.  I arrived when they opened in order to secure get a seat.  They stopped service about an hour after opening.  Why?  Well, usually a dinner in France can take over two hours, so once the dining room is full it is full.  Everything at this restaurant is completely homemade.  Their menu is extremely experimental, but I believe if a chef can put weird and funky things on their menu then they can serve them in an extraordinary way.  I seem to preach that motto to everyone I know, including a friend I convinced to get dried stingray fin at an underground sake bar back in New York.  And it was great!


Back to my wonderful mean.  To start, they served me a little shrimp puff.  A taste of home, yet so elegant at the same time!


Now, this next dish may freak you out.  It’s duck breast tartar with peaches, drizzled in cream cheese and elderberry sauce.  The duck was like butter, and the peaches complimented it perfectly.  I knew I was in for a wonderful meal.  I also realized that I ordered way too much wine.  That’s okay!  My American side would surely kick in and take care of that.


This was my main course, which was a saddle of rabbit, grilled eggplant, artichokes and meat juice with peanuts.  IT WAS AMAZING.  I had never eaten rabbit before, but it is my new favorite meat.  This course was one of the most incredible things I have ever tasted.  The rabbit was so tender and flavorful that each bite had such a wonderful kick.  What looked like a grilled pineapple under the rabbit was actually a grilled square pancake of some kind of potato.  It was such a flavor surprise!  And, the wine is decreasing.


Dessert consisted of cherries and meadowsweet cream atop a chocolate crumble.  That swirl-y thing is a homemade candy!  And, the wine is gone 🙂


Finally, my waiter served me this as an “after dessert.”  These things are little meringues flavored with almond and coffee.  My dinner was so wonderful that I attempted to explain to my french waiter that it was better than food I eat in New York.  A lot of hand signals were used.  I hope he got the gist.


And this was my view!  The Notre Dame de Bayeux was so beautiful!  Easily one of the most spectacular cathedrals I have ever seen.


I spent my Saturday at Omaha Beach, as you can see in the photos!  Probably the most unexplainably beautiful place I have ever been.


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