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Hello, there!  My name is Rachel and I adore cooking.  I live in Brooklyn and am a junior in college.

All over the city of New York are signs of the death of ‘cooking at home.’  Ovens are better used as shoe storage and refrigerators barely contain more than coffee creamer and beer.  Delivery guys flying by on their bikes are just about as prevalent as taxis.  Restaurants are a dime a dozen across the city but cost a fortune to eat at.  Don’t you want to make      delicious, inexpensive food at home?

For me, food is an adventure.  It’s an adventure with cooking and flavors and it’s an adventure with myself.  My love of food has not always been there, having spent quite a chunk of my life as seeing food as the enemy.  I bounced from one diet to the next, fearing that the next bite I took may add an extra inch to my waistline.  I force-fed myself food that I despised simply because it was branded ‘healthy.’  Cooking changed everything.

I no longer care if what I eat is going to ‘make me fat.’  I take pride in what wonderful flavors I’m able to create, and thus take pride in myself.  Walking a mile to and from the market and choosing items that I cannot wait to try is cathartic.  Cooking delicious sauces and meats that smell up the entire apartment make me exude joy.  There really is nothing quite like the smell of mussels simmering in dry white wine.  Or anything simmering in dry white wine, for that matter.

So, join me in my adventures!  I love to cook both easy, simple meals as well as        extraordinarily challenging ones.  My hope for you is that you realize how fun and easy cooking is and whip up something delicious for yourself.